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Bizcom Indonesia was established on March 2017 in Jakarta. Number of people dedicated their time in technology, investment, financial  and business are the founder of Bizcom Indonesia. 






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ESG, travel and tourism, edutech, healthtech, fintech, agriculture, logistic and FMCG. 


– Empower our personal and corporate fund and become a strategy maker on angel investor round investment.

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– End to end ecosystem for angel investor, strategic investor, corporate investor, venture builder, venture capitalist, private equity, family office, financial institution, financial technology, corporate finance, business owner, entrepreneur, start up founder.

 – Specialist on growth, analyzing, due diligence, development, strategy, research, roadshow, enhance investment and dealing.

    – Term sheet and Exclusive gathering.

Jakarta, 30 March 2023 – Bizcom Indonesia held the 52nd Investor Gathering and celebrated Bizcom Indonesia 6th Anniversary. The Exclusive Gathering with theme “Silicon Valley Bank Talks” which will be held in the elite district of the Langham Jakarta area on March 30 2023 in a closed manner by implementing health protocols.

Bizcom Indonesia is a trusted company in matters of individual and corporate funds. Armed with long experience, Bizcom Indonesia plays a role as a strategy creator in the investment stages of angel investors. Bizcom Indonesia is very focused on careful preparation and strategies to get the right parts and angels is approaching the potential for productive cooperation dealings such as Securities Crowdfunding Danamart through engagement with Bizcom Indonesia, so managed to get an ideal investment deal from Ardi Setiadharma CFO Prasetia Dwidharma. 

Bizcom Indonesia continues to make updates and adjustments to improve the quality of performance from time to time to produce productive synergy agreements both in terms of investment and business development collaboration. Bizcom Indonesia journey so far has continued to contribute to synergy and collaboration between startups and partner companies, both in the form of collaboration and investment in start up. Bizcom Indonesia can also be called a start up creator because of the role of business to business collaboration and strategic synergies that make partner/start up companies get increased company revenue, create companies that are worthy of investment and increase company valuations.

This exclusive investor gathering presents special guests from super rich families, investors, business people  and upper middle class professionals who are decision makers in business development. This exclusive investor gathering with the theme Silicon Valley Bank is filled with speakers and experts in their respective fields, namely, Mr. Eddi Danusaputro, who is the CEO of BNI Ventures, Mr. Freddy Handaka who is the Head of Business Saison Indonesia and Mr. Ardi Setiadharma who is the CFO of Prasetia Dwidharma.

Sendra Wong, CEO of Bizcom Indonesia gave his opening remarks, “For 6 years, Bizcom Indonesia has been fully committed and has had many achievements. Our final meaningful portfolio on wellness and our leading pipeline on Themepark. For business and Investment development we use triangle areas starting from Jakarta, Singapore and Bali.” Sendra Wong CEO of Bizcom Indonesia, believes that in the 6th year of Bizcom Indonesia, there will be more and more positive perspectives from investors and entrepreneurs in Bizcom Indonesia. One of them is being a trusted reference and access choice, some think it is the best choice for a career and career advancement. Bizcom Indonesia definitively encourages the creation of new, reliable entrepreneurs in Indonesia which has an impact on creating attractive jobs so that it participates in Indonesia economic growth to the fullest. Congratulations! The Year of Action!”.

After the remarks, the event began with a presentation by Mr. Eddi Danusaputro the CEO of BNI Ventures. He explained the impact of world economic turmoil such as the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank and 2 other banks namely Silvergate Bank and Singnature Bank  from Uncle Sam’s country, through the eyes and views of a Venture Capitalist. Then it was continued by Mr. Ardi Setiadharma as the CFO of Prasetia Dwidharma which is a family fund management company that focuses on investing in start up businesses at the initial stage or early stage. The presentation was covered with tips and what are important points for investors to see whether a business is good or not. Until it was closed by a presentation from Mr. Freddy Handaka, the Head of Business Saison Indonesia who gave an outlook on the financial services institution sector Indonesia is facing an existing economic phenomenon. And of course, this complements the material discussed on that day.

“In line with our belief in growth, the expansion and development to Singapore have begun to realized in stages.” said Dian Ratih as Senior Executive Business and Investment Analyst at Bizcom Indonesia.

This exclusive investor gathering was enthusiastically attended by influential parties in the business and investment industry, such as Arvin Rasjid as Indonesian Banker, Adrian Guyler as Director of Fluidtek, Helmy Yahya as Indonesian Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and Public Figure, Perry Tristianto as Indonesian entrepreneur, Pang Xue Kai as Co-founder & Gifting Innovator, Marcella Zalianty as Indonesia Artist and Entrepreneur and many more. They gave very positive responses to this event , where apart from gaining knowledge from the material presented by the speakers, they also received new perspectives and views from the various participants who came.

After the presentation and discussion session that took place, the event was closed by donating to the Azka Gading Indonesia Foundation and an Iftar event with all the participants. Of course, this moment was put to good use by all the participants who attended to be able to carry out “Networking” activities, where at this time, business owners, investors and also company leaders could exchange opinions, make acquaintances and even make short pitching about the business they owned.

The 7th Anniversary Bizcom in Singapore on March 28th 2024

Thanks H.E. Suryopratomo as Ambassador Indonesia for Singapore for your insightful sharing on The 7th Anniversary Bizcom.

Partner and Relation


Investor Gathering


With purpose for fundraising activity, get new investments, partners, networking, revenue, expansion, solutions, reference and get access. The Attendance are 20-30 Investor, Start up Founder and Business Owner.


The 52nd Investor Gathering Bizcom Indonesia

The 6th Anniversary Bizcom Indonesia

will be held on 30 March 2023 start 3pm until 7pm Jkt time

At The Langham SCBD Jakarta 



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