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Bizcom Indonesia was established on March 2017 in Jakarta. Number of people dedicated their time in technology, investment, financial  and business are the founder of Bizcom Indonesia. 






Drive the Entrepreneurship

Focus Industry

travel and tourism, edutech, healthtech, fintech, agriculture, logistic and FMCG. 


 Empower our personal and corporate fund and become a strategy maker on angel investor round investment.

Bizcom Indonesia Capital

End to end ecosystem for angel investor, strategic investor, corporate investor, venture builder, venture capitalist, private equity, family office, financial institution, financial technology, corporate finance, business owner, entrepreneur, start up founder.

  Specialist on growth, analyzing, due diligence, development, strategy, research, roadshow, enhance investment and dealing.

     Term sheet and Exclusive gathering.

It’s been 5 years since Bizcom Indonesia has been in the business development of the Indonesian homeland.

We will carry this responsibility with a focus on quality, productivity and program sustainability.

With the capacity and position of Bizcom Indonesia as a Strategy Maker and Start-up Creator, we have hope that many quality startups and startups will emerge.

Warm Regards,

Sendra Wong
CEO Bizcom Indonesia

Partner and Relation


Investor Gathering

With purpose for fundraising activity, get new partners, networking, get new revenue, expansion, get solutions, get reference and get access. The Attendance are 20-30 Investor, Start up Founder and Business Owner.


The 52nd Investor Gathering Bizcom Indonesia

The 6th Anniversary Bizcom Indonesia

will be held on 30 March 2023 start 3pm until 7pm Jkt time

At The Langham SCBD Jakarta 

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