Investment, Technology and Financial

Bizcom Indonesia was established on March 2017 in Jakarta. Number of people dedicated their time in technology, investment, financial  and business are the founder of Bizcom. 


Become reference and access for business owners and investors, also drive entrepreneurship in Indonesia

Company Focus

Bizcom Indonesia’s goals also move forward investment on edutech, healthtech, fintech, agriculture, logistic and FMCG. 


Key Company Goals 

To be part of deal ecosystem on investment with our strenghts in coordination, curation and mapping.

What We Do

● Escalation Program to follow our fundraising activity and investor gathering, B2B Collaboration  and Accompany Services.

● Coordination, Curation and Mapping

● Tailor-made dealing/ dealing According  to Investor and Investee Tastes and Changing according to Progress

● Build a strategic synergy

● Accompany services for potential and possibility dealing and funding

● Roadshow to angel investors and personal investors

● B2B Collaboration to serve our partner better, market domination, more competitive and investee optimization for better valuation.

Partner and Relation


Demi meningkatkan pelayanan dan kenyamanan untuk para business owner dan investor maka kami terus melakukan yang terbaik. Salah satunya dengan meningkatkan website kami.

In order to improve service and comfort for business owners and investors, we continue to do our best.  One of them is by improving our website.

Concierge: (+62 813 84589822)